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    Every detail is important.

    AS/ISO Registered Contract
    Manufacturing ? ISO 9001 + AS9100

    For 'mission critical' government projects...
    When a reliable server network is paramount...
    For solutions that work in extreme environments...
    When a thousandth of an inch makes all the difference...
    If every detail
    is important...
    ...contract with Ray Machine.

    Contract Manufacturing for the Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Communications and Medical Industries
    Our Contract Manufacturing News

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    DECEMBER 29, 2020
    Ray Machine made several capital investments this month to both increase our capabilities and capacity. We added an Amada HG8025 M30 Press Brake. This machine features Amada’s new AMNC 3i controller which provides a graphical interface displaying bend results before processing. The machine also features an auto slide foot pedal which is programmed to move to the next bend position, a L-Shift back gages for processing asymmetrical parts and a Bi-S bend sensor that measures and adjusts bend angles on the fly.

    Also added to the lineup is an Amada HFA250W fully automatic band saw with a 10” cut capacity and an additional TOGOIII tool sharpener.
    FEBRUARY 3, 2020
    RMI increases its manufacturing capabilities by adding an Amada LC2512C1AJ fiber optic punch/laser to its lineup. This 4000 kW machine can clean-cut thinner materials at higher speeds and with the integrated 44 station turret can punch and tap holes up to 4.5”. In addition to cut efficiency the fiber optics also provide for reduced energy consumption and a lower operating cost over traditional CO2 lasers.
    DECEMBER 17, 2019
    RMI just added a Horizontal Mill to its lineup. The HAAS EC-400 has dual pallets, a 20” x 20” x 20” work envelope and 1-degree pallet indexer, 12,000 RPM spindle and 100 station side mount tool changer.
    MAY 1, 2019
    RMI just added another mill, adding to our machining capacity and capability. The HAAS VF-5/50 is a 10,000 RPM machine with 50 Taper. The machine will allow us to mill aerospace alloy steels and tungsten. It is also equipped with a rotary table.
    JUNE 26, 2018
    RMI just added a new hydraulic press brake to provide addition capacity. It is an Amada FBD1253 updated with the latest in CNC controls. It has a 10 foot bed and produces 138 tons of forming pressure. It has extended program capacity and full CNC control over all 7 axis.
    AUGUST 5, 2014
    RMI has added a Eisen S-3A II Vertical Knee Mill to its extensive list of equipment. The S-3A II features a high precision spindle with run-out under 0.00015″, a MEEHANITE casting, hand scraped saddle, Turcite-B slide ways, along with power feed and digital readouts on all axis.
    MARCH 3, 2011
    Maintenance completed phase two of the HE lighting project. Currently 2/3 of the facilities Metal Halide fixtures have been replaced with T5HO fixtures, improving visible light while reducing our operating costs by 60%.
    MAY 31, 2013
    To better support short runs and requests for prototypes, RMI has added a Haas TM-1P Toolroom Mill to its machine shop. The mill has a 30” x 12” x 16” work envelope, a 10 station tool changer and a ridged tapping option. The intuitive programming system is a conversational operating system that allows operators to write programs without knowledge of G-Code.
    JANUARY, 2013
    Enhancing its lathe capacity, RMI has added a HAAS ST-10 High Performance Turning Center to its lathe department. The ST-10 has a maximum capacity of 14″ x 14″, with a 16.25″ swing over the cross slide. The spindle turns to 6000 rpm, rapids at 1200 IPM and the 15 HP drive system provides 75 ft-lb of cutting torque. A Servo Bar 300 bar feeder provides for lights out automated operation on high volume orders.
    MAY 8, 2012
    Recognizing that many of our Customers in the?Aerospace industry?have a need for increasingly complex machined products, Ray Machine has added 5-Axis machining to its process capabilities. The Haas TR-210 trunnion table in a VF-5 provides 5-axis simultaneous motion and positions parts to nearly any angle for multi-sided machining. The machine has a part swing of 23.5” and an A-Axis swing of 19.2” making it a perfect fit for most of the Aerospace product currently procured by our customer base.
    JANUARY 9, 2012
    Ray Machine receives registration by SAI Global for our quality management system compliant with the requirements of AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008. The scope covers machining, fabrication, electromechanical assembly and finishing of metals.
    NOVEMBER 25, 2011
    Made in the USA… Now flying proudly over our facility is a United States flag clearly showing our company’s commitment to quality products built right here in the USA.
    OCTOBER 10, 2011
    RMI has installed a new Amada ID40IV ST spot welder enhancing its resistance welding capabilities. The ID40IV ST uses inverter technology producing 30,000 amps of accurate and consistent welding current, welding aluminum to thicknesses of .125” and welding pre-plate steels without damage to the coatings.
    OCTOBER 7, 2011
    RMI successfully completed its Stage 2 audit for AS9100 Rev C.
    SEPTEMBER 6, 2011
    Ray Machine successfully completed a stage I audit with QMI-SAI Global on 8/24 for its AS9100 Rev C registration. The Stage II audits are scheduled for October 4-7. Once complete, RMI’s Quality System will be compliant with both ISO9001 and AS9100.
    JULY 6, 2011
    Ray Machine has completed implementation of its AS9100 Rev C Quality System. Stage 1 audits are scheduled for August 24, 2011 and Stage 2 audits are scheduled for August 30 thru September 2, 2011. The Quality Manual and level II procedures have been written to address the requirements of ISO9001-2008 and AS9100 Rev C. Annual audits will verify compliance with both Quality Systems to maintain dual registration.
    MAY 10, 2011
    Ray Machine placed an order today for an upgraded version of software for our Brown & Sharpe 7107 Global CMM. This software, PC DIMIS Cad++, gives us the capabilities to scan complex surfaces of a part and compare them to the customer supplied model, generating a graphical representation on the parts deviation from nominal.
    MARCH 3, 2011
    Maintenance completed phase two of the HE lighting project. Currently 2/3 of the facilities Metal Halide fixtures have been replaced with T5HO fixtures, improving visible light while reducing our electrical costs by 60%.
    JANUARY 6, 2011
    RMI finishes 2010 with a 99.999% acceptance rate by their Customers. Quality assurance reported 417 PPM rejection rate in the end of year management review. This is slightly higher than the 307 PPM reported in 2009 but still well above our annual goal.
    NOVEMBER 28, 2010
    New Hass VF-4 machining center with Renishaw probing system 100 tool capacity goes online today!
    SEPTEMBER 2010
    RMI adds MIL-DTL-5541 Class 1A plating tanks in support of new contracts received from Lockheed Martin and Moritz Aerospace.
    AUGUST 24, 2010
    RMI begins implementation of AS9100 Quality System with expected completion of June 30, 2011.

    Industries We Work With

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